Cooking with the Nexus 5X

August 02, 2018

My LG Nexus 5X lasted around 2.5 years before it was hit by the infamous boot loop issue. This basically means that the phone reboots constantly and it is impossible to even get to the OS. Luckily, all the data is in the cloud, so I can just buy a new phone and continue using it like nothing happened. Yeah... not really.

One of the apps I thought was backed up was WhatsApp. It does have a backup function that uses Google Drive, but I had it set to a 1 week interval and the phone died just before next the backup was about to be made. I was not going to lose a week's worth of (bad) memes! There were also some other apps like Nordea Codes that would've made my life much easier if I were to gain access to them before getting a new phone.

So, this is the story of how I (almost) fixed my phone.